The Wine Taster

You crushed me like grapes

when you kissed her in the vineyard…

Don’t you remember how our bond was fermented

by our nightly trysts in the cellar?

You grew on me,

Like yeast,

Consuming my sugar

Only to leave me bitter and drained,

Withdrawing your lips from me too soon,

Now I linger here like aftertaste,

Dissipating in life’s spittoon.


Yearning in Vain

Sometimes I dance in a graveyard
while the moon reclines among the nitid throng above,
“I want to be loved”
“I will be loved”
“I want to be loved”…





Wolves howl.

As if in mockery of my internal anguish

Arouse the echoing walls of my heart.

Oh! How the abyss aches from suppressed feelings –

Uncertain possibilities…

For if it has been proven that flawed has won perfection,

I with newfound voice would sound my soul like a wolf under moonlight.