In Vain and Vanity

Her true true self is like a flash of prismatic light –
On the edge of glassed minds, illuminating.
Yet she remains invisible, even when bared to naked eyes.
Tired, she folds her faded reality neatly into a corner,
watches the surreal become solid way of life.
Time and time again
They prove that people like her are in vain.
She resigns, surrenders her essence to the dust.
A joyless peace consumes her,
She understands, now, why she was demeaned.
True beauty is external for external beauty is rewarded and seen,
A vanity that is never in vain.


Fine Line Between a Good Girl and a Hoe

And so I had sex with that man, Your Honor

Not because he wanted it

Not because I was infatuated or in love

or for a deeper purpose to be extracted by a psychiatrist.

I was just curious

and a human, an individual.

is that not reason enough?


Not for the gender-brand managers who brought me before The People’s Court,

eager to paste a label to reassure and satisfy identity consumers that only men do what I did.

Guilty! Thrown and locked in a cell

with other slimy females as well

whose bodies did not provide the desired adhesion for name tags,

they would not appeal their case through error confession or error correction.

I guess you can say they were unappealing.

I wonder… why do we create norms and act like it came from something greater and more inflexible than ourselves?

“Blame society” “Rebel against society”

An eavesdropping alien from space would think Society is a visible god, wanting us girls to fit nicely in pink frills on His shelf.