In Vain and Vanity

Her true true self is like a flash of prismatic light –
On the edge of glassed minds, illuminating.
Yet she remains invisible, even when bared to naked eyes.
Tired, she folds her faded reality neatly into a corner,
watches the surreal become solid way of life.
Time and time again
They prove that people like her are in vain.
She resigns, surrenders her essence to the dust.
A joyless peace consumes her,
She understands, now, why she was demeaned.
True beauty is external for external beauty is rewarded and seen,
A vanity that is never in vain.

Unclothed Affection

Could you love me in the dark

as well as you could in the day?

Without eyes assisting hands to type a sweet word,

Without lyrics from love songs to always be heard,

Without filtered images and phone calls to present our best side,

Without social scripts to be our guide,

Without presentations of wealth to impress and woo,

Just the bed sheets, me and you?