You love like the seasons

The spring in your step renewed me

Your summer lips subdued me

You weakened my limbs and I did fall

But your touch foretold winter after all.

And you left – for what? To recycle a lie,

To bring forth new flowers just to let them die.

Night’s Revel

She cared nothing for the clichéd light of day

She reveled in her sullied darkness –

Self-sufficient, encompassing…

With a smile as sudden and charged as lightning.


Reading Owl

She was by a window in the library,

Brown eyes turned golden in light,

A pencil-chewing, hybridized sight,

Eyes glassy from the trance of reading,

He approaches, she, unheeding.

He says hello and offers to refill her coffee cup,

She empties his will with her strange eyes, so sunny side up.