The Wine Taster

You crushed me like grapes

when you kissed her in the vineyard…

Don’t you remember how our bond was fermented

by our nightly trysts in the cellar?

You grew on me,

Like yeast,

Consuming my sugar

Only to leave me bitter and drained,

Withdrawing your lips from me too soon,

Now I linger here like aftertaste,

Dissipating in life’s spittoon.

Coming Right Back

He didn’t look back.

Her eyes played a dangerous game of fetch,

And he knew his heart was boomerang.

Going Out of Your League

She was in love with the man made out of sand
But she lived in water, nestled in the waves
Stubborn, she took him for herself, held him close
In seconds, he fell away from her body
Leaving mocking impressions on her skin that said ‘you never had me’…
Frantic now, she gathered as much of him as she could in her hands
But he was gone, seeping through her fingers into a vast ocean
She sat by the shore and mourned for the loss of him, more painful than before.