You love like the seasons

The spring in your step renewed me

Your summer lips subdued me

You weakened my limbs and I did fall

But your touch foretold winter after all.

And you left – for what? To recycle a lie,

To bring forth new flowers just to let them die.


Yearning in Vain

Sometimes I dance in a graveyard
while the moon reclines among the nitid throng above,
“I want to be loved”
“I will be loved”
“I want to be loved”…

What is Woman?


Why must I be the embodiment of nature?
The bearer of burdens. Silent.
The one who ‘makes do’ with little.
What if I want to be more than a person who endures or a symbol of procreation, beauty or sacrifice?
What if I want to be more than just an hoist to shoulder your life?

Motivational Quotes

Standing there at the edge

You want to walk on those floating words to the place you belong

Your setting is not the same as it used to be, as you want it to be, as it should be,

But is it you or someone else who activates the tremors that crumble the walls of your history?

For years you seem to flounder on the rooftop with embryonic change in gestation,

No arrangement of letters so far have induced the birth that will aid in levitation because you don’t know how to believe, how to push all the way.

The people on the ground tell you what you already know:

“Leave! your house is one of many on fire.”

But you ignore the smoke and throw away lines secured by hashtags to your neighbors,

telling them to forget their luggage and high-wire from their ledges to freedom.

Yet, the fleeting fulfillment uplifting others gives you cannot douse the familiar flames at your back,

Stronger, closer, perhaps seconds away from melting you, finally, until you’re nothing but a monument —

Of which they will say “Here lies the unnamed, an example of how not to live.”

So that is what we are today?

Those who live by the word

And those in their searing shelters

Throwing or catching ropes of quotes they will never walk on.



‘White racists are not monsters’.

Perhaps this sounds strange because the word ‘racist’ itself is like a bitter pill. Black people  bu are confronted with its dosage: daily, yearly, rarely (if in a predominantly black country); white people get a dash of its flavor in their mouth once its brought to the surface of an individual’s lips in accusation, declaration or through argument. Strong emotions rise, from both, one or several feeling offended and then there is that fleeting moment in the black individual’s mind where he/she might think or wonder:

  1. I feel so hurt about this, I wish I didn’t have to deal with this, I won’t stand for it (!)
  2. Did I say too much? Maybe ‘racist’ is too strong of a word to use? Just look at the way everyone’s looking at me like I said unicorns exist and they only eat bananas. 
  3. Maybe it’s all in my head? Then why do I feel this way, see these differences in treatments between myself and so and so?
  4. Nothing will change, now I’ve gone and added angry/hallucinating black woman/man to the list.

The accused may very well think or wonder:

  1. I’m being accused of being a racist, am I really one? 
  2. I don’t feel like a racist, what did I do wrong? 
  3. I don’t particularly like black people but racists were white colonizers who injured,abused, raped, lynched black people  for no other reason than the color of their skin.

See…that’s the problem. Racism is perceived as an action directed against black people by white people in the past. “These are modern times, ladies and gentlemen!” Yes, which is why it is harder to pinpoint because racism now is subtle, sometimes subconscious ( embodied knowledge).

“Why do you keep bringing up race?” “Stop whining, everything can’t be handed to black people” “How do you explain why there are so many successful black people then?” “There you go playing the race card again” (by the way,  if the race card does exist then black people have had a pretty bad run of luck while using it)

QUESTION: why are we so uncomfortable and afraid of talking about race? And what’s wrong with feeling uncomfortable? Talk to your non-white friend and let the icebergs break. Also, why do you assume black people think all white people are enemies when they do speak on race?

Racists are mainly seen as evil soulless people when in fact this is just a generalization that benefits no one. I don’t exactly love the word black people or white people either because it is usually followed by a generalizing statement, but anyways, we have to deal with it because we need those words to give order to written and performed things in society, to bring change…However, racism could be viewed like a treatable disease. ‘Regular people’ can have it, yes, like Josh who volunteers at the pet shelter and then goes home to his lovely wife and kids. Or Catherine who has a black friend but still thinks What do you think? As suggested by a character named Ifemelu in the novel Americanah, maybe the word ‘racist’ should be scrapped so that we can find something new like Racial Disorder Syndrome that can be listed under mild, medium and acute. I wonder what that treatment will consist of. I wonder what category Donald Trump falls into. Or is he just plain ignorant, regurgitating stereotypes that feed on ignorance?

Personally, growing up in the Caribbean which is predominantly black, I haven’t experienced racism (should I say yet?), maybe colourism and/or classism, of course.  In the Caribbean I am simply Jamaican but If I travel to America or Canada or England, for example, then I will be perceived as black and/or African-American. But I try to have an open mind and an open heart for all people, regardless of colour. I, like some of you, wish we didn’t have to close our eyes to, tiptoe or stomp past race issues.  Will we ever be able to hold conversations without that knowledge of history that makes one bitter, reverential or apologetic? Without that tense rumination of how to go about communicating? To be able to sway the misguided/prejudiced and know people for who they are, not who they are portrayed to be?

I think we can, but it won’t be easy because it requires effort on all sides, a willingness to risk feeling stupid or doubtful or upset, the choice to really look at each other in order to find understanding, true friendship, and a deep, powerful love. Will you try?