Unclothed Affection

Could you love me in the dark

as well as you could in the day?

Without eyes assisting hands to type a sweet word,

Without lyrics from love songs to always be heard,

Without filtered images and phone calls to present our best side,

Without social scripts to be our guide,

Without presentations of wealth to impress and woo,

Just the bed sheets, me and you?







Is This Not Chemistry?

“We have chemistry, don’t you think?” she asks of him

He eyes her for a moment then flashes her a grin

“Indeed, we do, for you matter, to an extent you cannot fathom

I’m in my element around you, you’ve gone to the core of me, my atom

I am not a man of compound tastes, composed for the love of two

for even when your force discourages me, I’d rather covalent bond with you

The amount of substance you have cannot be measured by a mole

You are the multi-pole balance for this oscillating soul.

I can tell by your reaction that also for you, this is not a phase,

I could walk around with the kinetic energy your ‘motions give me – for days.

Your words always give me food for thought, gracing my peritoneum

so tell me if you’ll be mine always, have we reached an equilibrium?”


A pause. Awed and  cheerfully confused, she laughs and says “I hate science but I love you

He holds her hand and kisses her repeatedly, saying “that will do, that.will.do!”